Things I want…

7 Jul

This post is dedicated to all the people who make me need to do a list like this: The Christian Right, Radfems, LGB who hate the T, Harry Benjamin trans folk, Transexxual seperatists, trans folk who think there is a “right” way to be trans, Mens Rights people, trans fanciers, the beauty industry, insensitive/sensationalistic journalists, pandering politicians, gatekeeping doctors, judgemental people, police, the legal system, and all the other haters and exploiters.

Here are the things I really badly want in life but will probably never have:

1.  To be viewed as a sexually desirable human being without it being because of a fetish.

2. To not be able to add 30 more groups to this list with just 2 minutes of thinking..

3. To not have to feel hate in my heart towards the above because hate makes me sick.

4. To be able to go 24 hours without fear or shame.

5. To have been able to adopt a child, because I had so much love to give and would have been a great Mom.

6. To go one week without seeing a story containing some outrage against my community

7. To not be called “brave” because being brave isn’t actually necessary for me to live.

8. To not have to just accept certain humiliations because there is nothing I can do about them.

9.  To not have to explain my motivations for being who I am inside.

10. To be able to see myself as beautiful.

11. To not have to decide whether to be out or to be safe.

12. And most of all: To be able to be happy, for an extended period of time without you people above and those like you taking it all away in one cruel heartbeat.


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